The most overrated films

The most overrated films of all time

I haven’t updated in ages because I’ve been busy… but I’m back with the most overrated films in my opinion. Some are agreeable – some are obscure. Enjoy.

La la Land
La la Land was nominated and won several Oscars – but in my eyes, it’s nothing more than a cheesy musical. The songs and choreography are enjoyable but forgettable, the plot is predictable but interesting enough. La la Land is just fine – but it’s nothing that special – and certainly not worthy enough to garner the high critical praise critics gave it.

Brave was another forgettable effort from Disney and Pixar in recent years. However, Brave seemed to be much-loved by critics and audiences alike – they said it had a sweet heart. If you call a bratty, spoilt princess whose mum turns into a bear because of a witch sweet – then Brave is a movie for you.

‘The scariest horror film since The Exorcist’ some critics said. ‘You won’t be able to finish it’ others claimed. Hereditary drew me in because of excellent marketing and a decent trailer. But Hereditary is as poor as any other mediocre horror film in recent years and I find it appalling how it is compared to the likes of The Exorcist. Hereditary is like a dish with random ingredients just chucked in. The end result is an incoherent mess with plot-holes, cheap scares, clichés and a true lack of horror.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
I have no problem with silent films. I loved Nosferatu. But I just couldn’t really enjoy The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. People say it’s so inventive as the first horror film (it’s not) and how it inspired countless horror films ever since (it didn’t). Most of the common tropes found in The Cabinet of Dr Caligari are found in Gothic Horror novels – some written hundreds of years before it was made. I don’t hate this film – but I just had a hard time loving it.

Ocean’s 11
A brilliant set-up. A brilliant cast. Great director. What could possibly go wrong? A lot apparently. Ocean’s 11 is an okay movie – but it promises so much and delivers so little. I wanted to get into heist movies after I watched the Tarantino masterpiece Reservoir Dogs. I thought Ocean’s 11 was a good place to start – but it failed to rise above any level of mediocrity in my opinion.

I do like Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented actor, Kathy Bates is a treasure as always, and James Cameron is a competent director. However, a part of me doesn’t like it. There are some silly moments and it just feels like Romeo and Juliet at sea.

Harry Potter Film Series
I’ve described before in detail why I hate Harry Potter so much – the CGI is atrocious and the acting is even worse – and it just disgraces its source material.

I’m not particularly interested in music – Mozart was talented – but I can’t really go to an opera that lasts for hours and say I enjoyed it. Amadeus is the biography of Mozart seen through the eyes of rival Salieri. We had to watch this critically acclaimed drama in music class. Just because I have no interest in music doesn’t mean I should immediately dislike a film about music. However, the film drags on for three hours and has not a single ounce of wit, humour, compassion or interesting characters. Salieri is portrayed as a bitter, cruel man. The truth is though – the real person was most likely not like this. Mozart is portrayed as an immature, annoying and childish. Both of the composers are rolling in their graves every time someone watches Amadeus.


David Fincher is a fantastic director. Gone Girl is an enjoyable and smart thriller. Fight Club is a well-acted, intelligent action film. Zodiac is an extremely engaging – and very clever. Seven isn’t particularly clever or engaging. Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey (urgh) and Morgan Freeman are great – and the ending is bleak and shocking. But the film’s 30 minutes too long. The characters aren’t particularly interesting and the movie doesn’t hold up to more disturbing thrillers like Silence of the Lambs.

Clueless is a relatively harmless, albeit very cheesy, 90’s romance teen flick. I’m not a fan of that genre – but several people do. Fair enough. However, the film has an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.8 on IMDB. The film is quite mediocre, and doesn’t really rise above standard teen romances. Charming, maybe. A great film with that deserves the high praise it gets – not in my opinion, definitely not.

The Incredibles
Another forgettable, yet critically acclaimed Pixar movie. This is why I no longer watch animated films.


Based off a Stephen King novel, Christine follows a car with a mind on its own. The power it possesses is terrifying – it can run people over, stalk people, squishes them and… make them choke to death on a cigar? I know film is subjective – but I can’t see how people like this film.

So that’s my list. I missed out a few overrated ones I’ve gone into great detail with previously. What did you think should make the cut? Any you were surprised to see in here? Let me know in the comments.



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