Ranking all 8 Saw films from worst to best

Ranking all 8 Saw films

Best trap: Laser Trap
Jigsaw is the only Saw film I dislike. The characters are dull, the traps are dull and it’s essentially a copy of all the previous film. It’s still Saw, with the music and stuff but… it’s just boring. And the Saw films should never be boring. At least Tobin Bell returns – even if it is the nadir of the franchise.
Best line: The dialogue is so forgettable I won’t even bother.

Saw II
Best trap: Needle pit
Saw II is okay, just pales in comparison to the other films in the franchise (unpopular – I know). Some of the traps are disturbing but it feels more like watching people in an escape room rather than watching them in a genius’ trap. Tobin Bell is great as always but the film is just slightly dumb. The highlights are Tobin Bell, Needle Pit, the twist and The Venus Eye Trap. The downfalls are everything else.
Best line: “Oh yes – there will be blood.”

Saw V
Best trap: The pendulum
This film is actually quite good. Hoffman emerging as Jigsaw’s apprentice and him interacting with John Kramer is really interesting. The bit that’s not is the 5 people wake up in an abandoned house and have to go through traps. Also, the twist is fairly forgettable. The performances are great though.
Best line: “Live or die – make your choice.”

Saw 3D
Best trap: The garage trap
The traps in Saw 3D are absolutely stomach-churning – the hooks and brazen bull, another reverse bear trap, the love triangle and the garage trap are great. But due to an unnecessary Hoffman killing spree and some laughable 3D effects, Saw 3D is held back from being in the top 4. There’s some great stuff in there though.
Best line: “Game over.”

Saw IV
Best trap: The knife chair
This is where the films get really great. Most things in this film is great. There is a reasonable amount of gore, horrific traps and engaging characters. It’s everything you can want from a Saw film. Also – the knife chair is absolutely horrifying.
Best line: “See how I see, feel how I feel.”

Saw VI
Best trap: A Pound of Flesh
On the surface, Saw VI only offers the same gruesomeness of the previous films. However, it offers some surprising depth and an exciting new spin – and the end result is the 3rd best film in the franchise.
Best line: “Let’s see how your formula applies here.”

Best trap: The rib-cage ripper
Saw III is the most underrated film in the franchise! Sure, the traps are OTT on goriness but John Kramer appears so much! He’s like – the star! The traps are petrifying, the twist is the 2nd best twist in the franchise and it’s just amazing. Watch it – please. It’s way better than Saw II.
Best line: “Live or die, Troy. Make your choice.”

Best trap: Reverse Bear-trap
Saw is the only film in the franchise I can call a masterpiece. It is an exhilarating, horrifying and inventive claustrophobic thriller which I love. The premise is simple – two men wake up chained in a grubby bathroom and have to gather clues – like an escape room I guess. They soon realise they are being held hostage by the infamous The Jigsaw Killer and he tests how far they’ll go to stay alive.
Best lines: “Game over.” and “Will you kill an innocent wife and her child? Listen carefully, there are rules.”

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