Does movie violence affect the majority of people?

Most people believe that movie violence can effect the impact it has on people (especially preteens.) Some people believe what someone sees on TV is what they think is okay in real life. This has been correct in some cases (lots of people know about the awful crime inspired by Child’s Play 3) however, I’m trying to come to a correct conclusion whether if it affects the majority of children.

Director Wes Craven strongly believed real-life violence wasn’t inspired by movies. In interviews, he claimed Scream was a way of saying it can, but only after extreme circumstances (if you remember – Billy Loomis says “movies don’t create psychopaths, they create the creativity of them” and Randy – a massive horror geek – constantly on about the morbid, isn’t a psycho.)

Kevin Spacey has played many violent sociopaths in his day – Seven (John Doe), Superman (Lex Luthor) – and he has been recently accused of a horrible crime. Many people believe this is due to him playing such despicable characters, this changed him as a person. This may be true – before there have been reports of disturbing cases in actors during a performance (Jim Carrey, Jared Leto). However, actors like Gene Hackman and Anthony Hopkins have played there fair share of sociopaths. Gene Hackman was offered the part of Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, but after looking back on his previous films, he didn’t want to play another horrible character. Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lector 3 times (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon) and he is apparently one of the loveliest actors ever. It reportedly didn’t even affect him that much mentally, and his methods of studying interviews with serial killers such as Ted Bundy.

A few crimes (as I have said) have been inspired by films. But if children are taught well, they should know not to repeat acts they see on TV. Younger kids would be too scared and more scarred (they shouldn’t watch it) but when you know your child can handle violence or scariness and they are mature enough to understand they should not become violence because they see violence. If kids (or adults) don’t understand that, that’s how movie-inspired crimes come to be.

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