As Above So Below – movie review

As Above So Below – movie review                                  2.5/5

I recently bought at HMV a found-footage horror flick featuring people searching the Paris catacombs for this stone that can grant eternal life. They venture into a part no-one’s been in before and find themselves in the gates of hell. What I saw was yet another film that doesn’t live up to its full potential.

The film has (fairly) likeable characters, a good story-line and some great moments of claustrophobia. However, the scares are forgettable, incoherent and just not scary (not to mention unoriginal.) The film promises to explore people’s deepest darkest fears. However, these fears associate with the main characters (someone sees his brother who died in a cave, someone sees there dead dad and someone’s dragged into a burning car by a dead friend.) If they’re not common fears – the audience can’t relate – unless there’s one heck of a coincidence and you fear what our protagonists fear. Fear has been used a lot in this paragraph – which is ironic – seeing as I felt a lack of it when viewing this film. I watched Oculus after this, which wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was fairly scary.

Scenes in this film seem so muddled, you wonder what the screenwriters were thinking. There’s a scene, where a statue comes to life (!), a bunch more flood in (!!), bite a character’s neck (!!!) and he’s healed with a magic stone (!!!!). This is presented with cartoon-like CGI – the statues look like they’re made out of clay. 😐

The ending is more stupid than the previous scene – I won’t spoil it ’cause the movie is okay – but my dad (who would give the movie 3/5) even said the ending was ****.

As Above So Below isn’t terrible – you could easily kill an hour and a half while watching it, but it is muddled and never really goes anywhere. Like Joey Tribbiani from Friends (which is my favourite TV series – ever!!) would say – the movie came to a moo point. I just feel like the movie didn’t really end – that it was half-finished.

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