Hush – movie review

Hush – movie review                                                            2/5

Hush is the most overrated film of 2018 – featuring a string of cliches, a dumb protagonist and some baffling scenes. 

Hush has got a lot of love with critics and fans alike – with some even daring to declare it as a highly underrated home-invasion flick – it sometimes goes as far as being hailed as an undisputed classic. It sits with a whopping 96% on Rotten Tomatoes – higher than greats such as The Omen and The Exorcist. Do I agree with this? Um, hardly.

Everyone gives Hush too much credit for it’s undeniably creepy mask, tense moments (?), originality (??) and a highly intelligent protagonist (???). I’ll say up and front – it’s about a deaf woman terrorised by a masked madman who’s mask looks too similar to Michael Myers. What follows is a set of horror cliches – old and new. The fact there’s no signal, the character doesn’t flee or fight back, hides in painfully obvious places (whoa, I didn’t see you sitting in the bathtub next to an open window) and stereotypical characters who we have no clue who they are only coming onscreen to be killed.

Now, tense. A film cannot be tense when you have no investment in the characters. All you know about our protagonist is that she’s deaf and is a writer. Oh, and this guy is hellbent on killing her even though she has no clue who she is (he doesn’t even no she’s deaf. The creepy mask, I mentioned earlier, is taken off halfway through the film. It’s as if the writers say – let’s try and make this film super scary, cause it’s not, so a scary mask will do the trick. Oh, but we need to show his face. We’ll just take the mask off. It still might not be scary though. Well, everyone found The Strangers scary. Let’s take shots directly from that film.

Now, the protagonist. She is deaf, yet hears this random voice inside her head telling her what to do. The voice tells her she must fight back and kill him. So she takes a weapon – we think she’s gonna go Laurie Strode on the antagonist – but she walks up the stairs and sits in her bathroom. The killer breaks in through the window and sits behind her. He starts blabbering away to her (he knows she’s deaf by this point) and she feels his breathe on her. She stabs him in the leg and runs away. So much for killing him. It’s random moments like this which define the whole film.

Sure, this film is slick and well-made. It doesn’t feel like a cliche-fest. It tricks the audience. But I can’t help but see the cliches, baffling moments and the illogical protagonist. Watch The Strangers, The People Under the Stairs and Home Alone if you want a good home-invasion movie. Watch Home Alone 3 and Hush if you want to watch a bad one.

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