Top 10 slasher films

Top 10 slasher films

  1. Friday the 13th
    Often said to be an imitator of Halloween, it might not be the best slasher film but there’s lots of fun to be had. Tom Savini’s make-up effects star in this slasher flick about camp counsellors being picked off in gruesome ways. Also, young Kevin Bacon gets an arrow through the throat.
    Best moment: Poor Annie, an innocent counsellor who is stalked by an unknown figure through the woods before getting her throat cut.
    9. Friday the 13th part 2
    The next film is the sequel to the previous entry. This is definitely the best in the series with some excellent suspense, great kills and the introduction of a great villain. What more can one want from a slasher film? This is a brilliant introduction to slasher films and I recommend it to any horror newbie. Basically, Jason seeks vengeance for his mother’s death and then kills a new set of camp counsellors.
    Best moment: When Mark gets a machete to the face and toppled down a set of stairs.
    8. Urban Legends
    Highly underrated and way better than its 90’s counterpart I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends is a fun new take on the slasher genre. It has a very 90’s cast: Tara Reid, Jared Leto, Joshua Jackson, Danielle Harris and more. A college campus is stalked by a psycho who kills people in the style of urban legends.
    Best moment: A clever play on there’s someone in your backseat that ends in bloodshed.
    7. April Fool’s Day
    April Fool’s Day is viewed as a mediocre 80’s slasher that is like Ft13th. Well, those people must have never actually seen this film, for it can be classed as the first slasher parody. It is witty, self-aware and very original. Many people who has seen the film call it a cheat due to the twist ending but I think it makes it even more clever.
    Best moment: There’s the twist but I can’t reveal that but there is another great moment where Amy Steel’s character sees eyes peering through a painting. She pulls it away and sees a decapitated head.
    6. Scream 2
    Scream 2 is truly great – weird play metaphors aside. It had some amazing moments – as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar and an opening scene which is on par to the greatness of the original. I don’t really know what else to say.
    Best moment: The cinema-set opening with a murder in a room of screaming Ghostfaces.
    5. Scream 4
    Scream 4 is my second favourite of the whole series and my second favourite meta-horror. The film is surprisingly disturbing in fun moments and contains the witty humour that was some-what missing after the first Scream.
    Best moment: When Ghostface quizzes Kirby on her horror knowledge. He says “what horror movie remake…” she then interrupts by saying every single horror movie remake. Genius.
    4. Halloween
    How dare I! Halloween at number 4. The ‘first’ slasher set the rules of the genre in this flick about a masked madman escaping from an asylum years after killing his sister. Sophisticated, scary and effective, Halloween is a film that shall be hailed as a masterpiece for years to come. And the music is one of the best soundtracks of all time.
    3. Peeping Tom
    Peeping Tom is less of a slasher than the next two films – stopping it from being crowned number 1. The film is a horrifying and surprisingly poignant look at media violence. The film was way ahead of its time and was highly controversial at its release. It follows an aspiring filmmaker and current cameraman working on a documentary about fear. No one knows, least of all a family lodging downstairs, that his documentary contains snuff films off him stabbing women with a blade installed on his tripod.
    Best moment: When his love interest stumbles upon his films – and he catches her.
    2. Black Christmas
    Black Christmas isn’t quite the best slasher film, but it sure is the scariest. I won’t go into full detail seeing as I already have several times – long story short – Black Christmas is amazing, creepy, horrifying and even more horrifying. I felt sick with fear after watching this film. The tagline “if this movie doesn’t make your skin crawl… it’s on too tight”. My skin almost crawled off my body (or something along those lines… it made sense in my head.)
    Best moment: The phone calls between Billy and the sorority girls – and he says exactly what he wants to do to them.

The best slasher film:


  1. Scream
    I’ll just say it now – Scream is perfect. It’s brilliant, witty, brilliant and even more witty. It’s flawless. I rarely say that about a film but it is.
    Best moment: The opening scene with Drew Barrymore – how an innocent flirtation between two strangers over the phone turned into a literal game of life and death.

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