Why PG-13 horror films are a problem

In modern horror cinema today, it’s so easy to make a great horror film. There’s no limitations to horror like there used to be, in 1960 it was considered blasphemous for someone to be stabbed in a shower – today that is tame. This is why PG-13 horrors are a problem – it’s like they’re too afraid to be scary or violent – like there are limitations. I’m not saying all horror films have to use buckets of blood – take The Conjuring for instance – the film is so scary it was rated R. It barely contains any blood and doesn’t have any nudity. Films like The Others though – while good – always feel like they’re holding back and it’s time they let go. The Others focuses too much on mood if I’m gonna criticise it. Thank god the wonderful Nicole Kidman stars. PG-13 horror flicks use subtle scares – which is fine but I’m sorry – it’s not the 60’s. While it was a great time horror-wise, it’s the 21st century – we need more originally executed films.

If a writer wants to give off 60’s vibes but with a more modern touch – I’d love that. It’s exactly what The Conjuring does – a 70’s set film, similar to other 70’s horrors, but with modern style. Anyway, I’ve already reviewed The Conjuring, back to the topic. I have only seen 2 remotely scary PG-13 horrors – The Sixth Sense (amazing BTW), The Last Exorcism (great) and The Ring (great too). The rest are either entertaining (The Grudge, The Others) or are dull and forgettable (The Unborn.) The Unborn really upsets me though – it’s just dull. There are are no scares, no suspense, it’s just ludicrous. With every somewhat decent PG-13 horror comes 100 dreadful ones. Imagine a world where more horror films were rated R for scariness – it is a much better world. And that’s why PG-13 horrors need to stop. 

Do you agree with me? Do you think PG-13 horrors should be extinct or do you love them? I guess they are a great introduction to horror film beginners but hard-core ones (like myself) always crave for something more… horror-y. 


2 thoughts on “Why PG-13 horror films are a problem

  1. You listed 3 PG 13 films, but said you have only watched 2?


    1. 2 that I actually found frightening.


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