Horror films with unfair critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

Horror films with unfair critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

The Lazarus Effect
RT score: 15%
My score: 61%
Critic consensus: “The Lazarus Effect has a talented cast and the glimmer of an interesting idea, but it wastes time on insipid characters and dull, recycled plot points.”
My consensus: The film’s melodramatic plot and several clichés are elevated by amazing performances, a few great scares and a shocking ending.

Event Horizon
RT score: 24%
My score: 71%
Critic consensus: (not from RT but from Cinemaphile) “If I were a psychologist hired to analyse the people who made this, I would conclude that everyone involved needed to take their inner child out back and shoot it out.”
My consensus: Event Horizon isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but it is drenched with atmosphere and haunting imagery.

Final Destination
RT score: 34%
My score: 76%
Critic consensus: “Despite a panel of X-Files’ alums at the helm and a promising premise, flighty performances and poor execution keep Final Destination from ever taking off.” Terrible puns – I know.
My consensus: Final Destination is a fresh, imaginative and entertaining slasher film full of ambition – just what the horror genre needed – even if the (still enjoyable) sequels took the premise OTT.

RT score: 49%
My score: 90%
Critic consensus: “Saw is more than nasty enough for genre junkies, but far too twisted, gory and shallow for more discerning horror fans.”
My consensus: Saw is unfairly dismissed as a torture film – in the sequels maybe – however the original is a tense, slick and well-executed serial killer thriller with a fantastic twist.

Black Christmas
RT score: 67%
My score: 96%
Critic consensus: (Not from RT but from eFilmCritic) “Perhaps frightening in 1974, it really doesn’t hold up today unless you can forget about the 12,000 films exactly like it, which is difficult.” Speechless.
My consensus: Though the film’s idea has become old and warn, the film still holds up today with terrifying moments, memorable kills and its perverse sense of humour.

April Fool’s Day
RT score: 38%
My score: 81%
Critic consensus: (Not from RT but from Lessons of Darkness) “I’ve seen this film before… as an episode of Gilmore Girls.” Also speechless.
My consensus: It’s set up as a typical 80’s slasher but manages to become much more with a self-aware script, witty humour and some inventive twists, tipping the rules of slashers on their heads.

The Strangers
RT score: 45%
My score: 75%
Critic consensus: “The Strangers provides a few scares but offers little else to distinguish itself from other slasher films.”
My consensus: The Strangers uses subtle scares to freak out the audience – scares that will have people triple locking their doors for days – even if the characters make dumb decisions throughout.

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