Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead – movie review                                     4/5

I have had a request to review Day of the Dead, so here I am. I actually saw Day before NOTLD and I know this is an unpopular opinion but I preferred Day. In terms of acting, cinematography and make-up (by the great Tom Savini) Day is far more sophisticated.

Let’s start with the memorable imagery. When I think of zombies my mind turns to the opening scene where hands come through the wall grasping the heroine. While Repulsion has done this before, when it’s used again it doesn’t make it any less great.

My main complaint of the film is that it shies away from the gory zombie action. The film uses suspense, which is great, but when someone goes into a zombie film they’d expect zombies to be the star – not military men. However, when the zombies do pile in, the pay-off is so worth it!

Yes, zombies don’t necessarily star in Day of the Dead, but there is one brainless ghoul throughout the film – Bub. He still has elements of a human brain in him – he listens to music, has feelings and even reads. All discovered by a brilliant scientist.

I know I’ve already mentioned Tom Savini – but come on – this is him at his very height. The gore – while dated – is nothing short of fantastic. When the zombies pile in and start making the horrible military men a snack, you can’t help but cheer and cringe at the same time. The military men are villains by the way – and the heroes stop them by bringing a large mass of zombies in (lead by Bub) so they tear them to shreds (as the heroes escape of course.) Funny – most films see zombies as a threat – in this film the humans were saved by the zombies. Romero intended this film to be Gone With the Wind of horror films – I wouldn’t say that but the film sure is great.

2 thoughts on “Day of the Dead

  1. Great film. Romero was a master of his time!


    1. I agree with the fact it’s a great film and Romero was a good director but I wasn’t a big fan of NOTLD – it’s okay but I feel it rips off The Birds and people give it way to much credit for racial undertones and Romero himself stated that he didn’t cast a black actor for the main part for social commentary – he did it ’cause he was the best actor for the part who auditioned. Plus, the heroine in NOTLD is useless.


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