The Conjuring – movie review

The Conjuring – movie review                               4.5/5
I was stuck with ideas on what to write for my blog. I didn’t want to write another Best list or Top (insert number) list so I returned to something simple – a movie review. I was prepared to write a scathing review for Sorority House Massacre but I realised I haven’t wrote a positive review in ages. I didn’t want to write about Black Christmas seeing as I wrote about it in heavy detail recently. Then I thought – The Conjuring – that’s a film I can write a positive movie review on in detail!

Anyway, The Conjuring, as I have stated is James Wan’s best film to date. Saw and the sequel The Conjuring 2 are both amazing but The Conjuring was just divine. The movie boasts kinetic camerawork and outstanding performances which make the film have a level of sophistication that Saw lacks and even the sequel can’t achieve the stylish original’s heights.

Then there’s the scares. Oh boy, is it scary. The Conjuring is the single most terrifying film of the 21st century. Despite the happy ending, The Conjuring throws as many scares as it can at you, leaving me breathless. Few films have left me breathless – The Descent, Black Christmas, Saw, The Exorcist and this flick. The Conjuring balances out dread, creepy moments and jump-scares perfectly. My only complaint is that the film has an unoriginal plot and maybe actually loses enjoyment factor in favour of non-stop scares. So do my other favourite horror films though.

One of the thing that makes The Conjuring stands out the most though is its surprising depth. While the sequel has more depth, it dials down the scare factor. The Conjuring focuses on how the haunting effects the family and still delivers tons of terror (when a film was rated R for scariness you know that you’ll be frightened out of your wits.) Poltergeist also focuses on the same thing, but the chilly sting just isn’t there. Then there’s films like The Amityville Horror which tries to focus on scares and comes out looking juvenile. While it may not be exactly poignant, the film has a heart and that’s what matters.

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  1. Good review…
    How about some classic Dawn of The Dead or Day of The Dead?


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