In defence of Scream

In defence of Scream

Scream is mostly loved by horror fans. However, reading up about it, people are moaning at it for a few reasons which I have analysed and come to a conclusion – how great is Scream really?

One flaw most people point is the stupid decisions the characters make, like when Tatum crawls through the doggy flap, when everyone has a party when a killer is on the loose or Casey won’t call the police. There is a simple explanation for this – Scream is a PARODY! Kevin Williamson parody’s dumb decisions in horror movies. People often forget this though. This leads us onto my next point.

Everyone moans at Scream for being too ‘cliched’. Yet again – it just parodies common tropes – such as making bad decisions. Kevin Williamson knows this – trust me – I’ve read the script! He always comments on the cliches. I’m sorry, but if you want an excuse to dislike this film you can’t criticise it for something it intentionally does. That’s like me saying “I hate The Exorcist ’cause it’s so scary.” (That’s not true by the way.)

Then there’s people who make stuff up. I heard someone say it gets way to much credit for being self-aware when Friday the 13th Part 6 did it first. They then went on to say people in that film quote horror films and criticise dumb decisions in horror films. No – that is a huge lie. Someone in Friday the 13th says “I’ve seen enough horror movies to know a man in a mask isn’t friendly” (or something along those lines.) After that, horror movies are never mentioned again. Someone else says that the film is littered in false scares and cats jump out at every corner. Cats aren’t even mentioned in the movie and there isn’t a single false-scare in sight.

Some people dislike this film for making fun of slasher films. Personally, that doesn’t bother me but that’s just my taste. I can see why people dislike it for that reason – especially people who grew up with 70’s and 80’s slasher films.

Then there’s people who judge it on the impact of the genre. Just because you hate the inferior rip-offs doesn’t mean that you should hate this film. I believe all the imitators show how brilliant this film is.

Do you agree with me? Or do you despise Scream? Did this change your view of it? Let me know in the comments :).



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