Halloween vs Black Christmas

Halloween vs Black Christmas

Which is more well-made?
In terms of music, cinematography, performances and overall style, the winner has to be Halloween – only just. Jaime Lee Curtis is no doubt a talented actress, as is Donald Pleasance. The shots of Michael Myers stalking Laurie is great and the spine-tingling score is the only thing Black Christmas lacks.
Which is scarier?
Black Christmas, definitely. While Michael Myers is definitely creepy, Billy in Black Christmas is disturbed, frightening, creative and ruthless. The phone calls he makes is absolutely terrifying. His singing is terrifying. His eye poking out of the door is… you get the idea.
Which is more entertaining?
I was gonna put Halloween, but Black Christmas won – only just. This is down to Barb – a wisecracking sorority sister who says to Billy over the phone “Why don’t you stick your tongue in a wall-socket – that’ll give you a charge!” Then there’s the awesome house-mother who is so entertaining to watch.
Which has contributed most to the genre?
It’s a draw. Black Christmas is the template for slasher films; people being picked off by a maniacal killer. Halloween set the rules – sex = death, virgins survive and the unkillable killer.
Which is more realistic?
Black Christmas, without a doubt. Michael is an unkillable psychopath, whereas Black Christmas could happen. Some lunatic could murder sorority girls. I doubt a six-year-old will one day murder his sister and someone will survive being shot and falling out a window.
Which has the best killer?
We don’t know much about Billy other than he likes to kill people. I believe he may have suffered some sort of abuse from his mother (he constantly screams Billy you’ve been a bad boy) and he is similar to Norman Bates with a split personality (he uses multiple voices.) This isn’t confirmed though. We’re given Michael’s backstory and the fact he is simply unstoppable – evil. While Billy is scarier Michael is a part of pop-culture and for that, he wins.
Which has the best kills?
Black Christmas also. Halloween has brilliant but straightforward kills. Black Christmas’ kills are much more creative. 2 that stand out is someone being suffocated with a plastic bag and someone being stabbed to death with a glass unicorn’s horn.

Overview: When I started writing this article I always knew what the winner would be. However, when I was analysing the films, I had no idea how close they were in terms of quality, kills, suspense and scares. The results are below:



Halloween: 4.5/5
Black Christmas: 5/5
Black Christmas is ultimately the better film. It is more creative, whereas Halloween is fairly straightforward. It was a close call though. A very close call. Halloween is not without its merits though.
What do you think? Do you agree with my final choice? I am aware many people believe Halloween is the better film and I know even more people haven’t seen Black Christmas. If you are one of those people; watch it – I urge you. Let me know what you think in the comments 😊.

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