Interesting horror film trivia

Interesting horror film trivia

  • No teenager in the original Carrie was actually a teenager.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s original title was Headcheese.
  • Halloween’s original title was The Babysitter Murders
  • Scream’s original title was Scary Movie.
  • Drew Barrymore, who was already famous, was offered the main part for Scream but she wanted Casey’s character so her death was more unexpected.
  • Rose McGowan (who played Tatum Riley) could fit through the flap in the garage in real life.
  • ET was originally meant to be a horror film.
  • The Sixth Sense originally had an R rating, however, the scene where Cole drives past a hospital seeing badly injured ghosts had to be cut out.
  • Wes Craven had to cut a scene out of the infamously brutal Last House on The Left, a scene so horrific he erased it from his memory.
  • The Last House on The Left is a remake of 1960’s The Virgin Springs.
  • Chucky’s name – Charles Lee Ray – is made up of names from 3 serial killers – Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.
  • David Cronenberg makes a cameo in Jason X as a scientist wanting to experiment on Jason.
  • Jason Goes to Hell director always imagined Jason to be a Deadite and was good friends with Sam Raimi. He asked to borrow the Book of the Dead from the Evil Dead franchise – which makes a brief appearance in the film inside the basement at Camp Crystal Lake.
  • Many people believe Tim Currey used his real hair for the afro in It – this is untrue – the hair is FX.
  • Sissy Spacek was extremely dedicated to her role in Carrie – she showed up to her audition in her old prom dress, she slept in bloody clothes for 2 weeks and that was her own hand that came out of the grave at the end.
  • The famous ankle-hobbling scene in Misery wasn’t in the book – instead she cut his foot off and cauterised it with an iron.
  • Stephen King was inspired to write It by imagining what if trolls lived under a bridge.
  • Tom Savini – a famous make-up artist famous for effects in FT13th and Dawn of The Dead. He also did the effects in Creepshow where he made a small cameo as a bin-man.
  • Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock makes a cameo in almost all of his movies.
  • Tim Burton’s films were inspired by lots of Vincent Price films he watched as a child.
  • Though it’s never mentioned, the name of the demon possessing Reagan is called Pazuzu.
  • Director William Friedkin kept Reagan’s room ice-cold throughout production.
  • He also shot blanks on set to make the cast’s horrified reactions look more authentic.
  • In The Birds, the scene where Melanie was trapped inside the phone booth being attacked reportedly used real birds.
  • The Shining was shot in a real hotel and where the room 237 was shot is the most popular room there.
  • The shark in Jaws was supposed to be shown a lot more but the animatronic wouldn’t stay afloat.
  • Spielberg named the shark Bruce after his lawyer.Interesting horror film trivia

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