Out of the Shadows/ The Devil’s Toybox

Out of the shadows/ The Devil’s toybox – movie review         0/5

Out of the Shadows (also known as The Devil’s Toybox) features an ex-reality show contestant who returns to an asylum, with a documentary crew of course, he stayed at and he was the only one who made it out alive. Of course, paranormal activity ensues.

What follows is a tiresome, unoriginal, lazy and generic found-footage flick. It can’t think of any good ideas, so it borrows bits from other, albeit better, movies. It directly steals scenes from The Shining (red ball scene), The Exorcist (flashing face scene) and Paranormal Activity (covers pulled off of someone.) The film also uses every cliché in the book; creepy dolls, dark hallways, asylums, screaming ghosts, surgeries, demonic possession, scribbling on walls, ghosts appearing in a mirror and much, much more.

The acting is also atrocious, particularly the psychic. It’s not the so-bad-it’s-good type performances. It’s did they even go to acting classes type performances.

If that doesn’t sound bad enough, it’s the strangest film I’ve ever seen; and not in a surreal way like Suspiria. The film is largely incoherent. I don’t want to discuss the ending. The ending is just… I can’t. The ending is the worst ending in a film I’ve ever seen. Just don’t watch it!

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