Texas Chainsaw Massacre – movie review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – movie review              1/5

Lots of people don’t understand why I hate TCM but love FT13th, Halloween and Scream. I criticise TCM for having unlikable characters when the other films (minus Scream) don’t exactly have particularly memorable ones. Even I admit that. Why do I hate this film then?

That’s because the film is so unenjoyable. Films like The Hills Have Eyes weren’t enjoyable either – but it scared me. The movie carried out it’s purpose. TCM is far from scary. FT13th is entertaining, Halloween is scary and mildly entertaining (I can’t really call a 6-year-old boy stabbing his topless sister to death fun) and Scream is both. TCM just feels cheap, dirty and pointless. All the iconic villain does it grunt like a pig. The characters just scream the whole movie, making my ears ring. The cinematography is also cheap and is a visually repulsive film. The film is hard to watch – not in a good way – not in a gory or disturbing way – the camera shots feels like The Blair Witch Project, which had a reason behind the nauseating shots; found-footage. Tobe Hooper may claim he was trying to make a shocking, grainy and realistic film but that just feels like that’s a cover-up for major budget restraints, even then, that doesn’t excuse the camera shots.

Finally, there’s the sound. It’s too loud. When the actors are talking, it’s just about bearable. However, there’s the annoying shrieks from Marilyn Burns and the whirring of the chainsaw. Your ears are exhausted afterwards. It’s like when you’re watching a really loud band – despite how good the band might be – the noise still makes the experience unpleasant. TCM isn’t a good band turned unpleasant though. It’s a terrible band turned even worse.

I definitely do not recommend this ‘horror classic’. If you haven’t seen it – don’t put yourself through the agony I put myself through.

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