The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect – movie review                   3/5

The Lazarus Effect is about scientists who learn how to raise the dead. When one of them, Zoe (Olivia Wilde), dies in an accident, they bring her back. She claims she went to hell and starts to show a much darker side. Zoe evolves at a rapid rate as she gains a set of psychic abilities. She soon goes on a rampage and the scientists fight for their lives as they are attacked by an unstoppable force, someone who used to be their friend.

The Lazarus Effect’s main problem is that it’s unoriginal. The film is a cross between Frankenstein and Lucy. Also, the film is far too melodramatic. The film goes over the top with the drama and it veers away from the actual plot and scares. Don’t get me wrong, character development is great, however it tries to cram in way too much into 90 minutes, and as you can imagine, the end result is a little uneven. It would bet better if the film was a little longer, so it could balance out scares and strong characters better.

Despite its flaws, there are some redeeming qualities. The ending caught me off guard, despite some glaring plot holes, and there are some jump out of your seat and creepy moments. However, it’s the performances that steals the scene. The main leads are great. They make the characters realistic, which makes you fear for them.

Overall, the film is okay. I never had high expectation for the film. Does it deserve to be critically torn apart? No. Does it deserve an Oscar? Certainly not. Is it a neat little flick that delivers enough scares to keep me satisfied? Yes. I do recommend it, but please don’t expect a masterpiece.

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