Scent of a Woman – Movie Review

Scent of a Woman – Movie Review


Scent of a Woman is a powerful, moving and amazingly acted drama that features a blind war veteran (Al Pacino) who is aided by a student (Chris O’Donnell). The student finds out the man is suicidal and he tries to convince him that he still has a reason to live.

Al Pacino definitely deserved an Oscar for his outstanding performance. His acting is absolutely flawless. His speech at the end felt so authentic, I wanted to applaud him at the end. The moment when he’s saying he’s rotten and he deserves to die gave me goose bumps.

I have never been affected this much by a drama. Forrest Gump was my favourite drama before I watched this movie. Don’t get me wrong, Forrest Gump is fantastic, it’s easily in my top 10, but this is better. This film is flawless. While it may be too long for some, every minute of this film is amazing. Then there’s the ending. That ending is the 2nd best movie ending, in my opinion (The Sixth Sense being the first). The movie doesn’t have a twist ending or tries to pull anything fancy. The ending is uplifting, powerful, moving and is the 2nd best part of an already brilliant movie. Every movie fan must watch this definite masterpiece.

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