Memento – Movie Review

Memento – movie review


Memento is about a man whose wife is murdered by two masked men. He shoots one of them and the other one pushes him into a mirror. He then begins to suffer from a condition, he fails to make new memories and the police only think there was one attacker. He vows for revenge and tracks down his wife’s killer, but he struggles due to his condition. He tattoos clues on his body and takes pictures to finally avenge his wife’s murder.

This is my favourite thriller. The director/screenwriter Christopher Nolan uses a unique, clever tactic; the events of the film are in reverse. The film is engaging, smart, bleak, has great characters and performances, has a mind-blowing twist and it’s actually quite amusing at times. While the film isn’t exactly a whodunit serial killer thriller, it is a brilliant psychological thriller. Also, the twist is the second best movie twist of all time (The Sixth Sense being the first). Don’t watch it if you’re tired or you can get easily distracted and certainly don’t watch it if you’re looking for a predictable film that won’t shock you. This is an intelligent film in the finest sense; it’s one that you will think about long after. I highly recommend this film.

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