Top 5 scariest movie stalkers

Once in our life we’ll all have someone who won’t leave us alone. Whether they’re an ex, someone who wants to go out with you or someone who just envies you. However, there are reasonably harmless stalkers…and then there are these ones; ones who are psychotic. These are the ones I never want to meet and that I try to do everything I can to avoid being in the same situation as the hapless protagonist.

  1. Evelyn (Jessica Walter) – Play Misty for Me

Play Misty for Me is a psycho-stalker thriller that inspired Fatal Attraction. Evelyn has a one-night stand with radio host Dave, who she always calls up, asking for the song Misty. When he breaks it off with her, she snaps. She goes on to stalk him, trashes his home, attacks someone, attacks him, poses as his girlfriend’s roommate in order to kill them both.

Lesson learnt: Never have one night stands.

  1. Max Cady (Robert De Nero) – Cape Fear (remake)

Cape Fear is a disturbing thriller about a lawyer who is stalked by Max Cady, an ex-client who went to jail because the lawyer held back evidence that could set him free however, he thought his crimes were too brutal but was recently released. He wants revenge. He stalks his family, poisons the family dog, seduces his daughter, poses as a maid, kills someone and plans to ruins his life.

Lesson learnt: Never get on the wrong side of a monster.

  1. Si (Robin Williams) – One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo is a disturbing look about how attached a friendly man at a counter can become to someone. An ordinary family go to get their photos developed to the same man all the time, Si. However, what seems to be a freaky, but relatively harmless obsession with them takes a dark and dangerous term when he finds out the husband of the family is cheating.

Lesson Learnt: Never let a stranger get too attached to you.

  1. Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) – Misery

“I’m your number 1 fan.” Kathy Bates is excellent in this horrifying thriller about an author who is held hostage by his increasingly deranged number 1 fan after he gets in a car crash. When she finds out her favourite character is killed off in one of his novels, she becomes violent and controlling. The scene where she bashes his ankle in with a sledgehammer is absolutely disturbing.

Lesson learnt: Never trust number 1 fans

  1. Peyton Flanders (Rebecca De Mornay) – The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

The award for most deranged stalkers has to go to Peyton Flanders. After her husband (a doctor) kills himself when the police find out about his crime. She poses as that women’s nanny, plans to steal her children, seduce her husband and kill the woman she blames for ruining her life. Oh, and she manages to kill her best friend, played by a pre-fame Julianne Moore.

Lesson learnt: Never get close to someone without knowing who they truly are.

So that’s my list. I sincerely hope no one out there will encounter someone similar to these 5 stalkers.

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